Executive Director 

Joe Burmester, our Executive Director, has been with Loaves and Fishes since 2014. Joe was previously an Office Manager with Loaves and Fishes, as well as a former CEO of a consulting firm, partner with KPMG, and a senior executive in several technology firms. 

You may reach Joe by email at: jburmester@LAFchildren.org 

Program Director 

Dana Wright was one of Loaves and Fishes first graduates. She returned to LAF in 1998 as a Public Allies intern. After her completion of the Public Allies program, Dana went on to become our Director of Family Support and now currently serves as our Program Director. Dana leads our team of facilitators and works closely with our families, public schools and community support partners. 

You may reach Dana by email at: dwright@LAFchildren.org 

Volunteer Coordinator 

Kayla Davis joined our Loaves and Fishes Family as our Volunteer Coordinator in 2019. She works closely with our Executive Director and Program Director to identify our volunteer needs, build relationships with both individuals and organizations that provide volunteers, and support the people who offer their precious time and talents in serving our organization. 

You may reach Kayla by email at: kdavis@LAFchildren.org 


We are pleased to have an outstanding team of Facilitators who work with our children to support their success in academics, social skills, and life skills development. Our Facilitators for the 2019-2020 academic year, including email addresses to contact them, are:

Grades K - 1

Miss Kiana Williams                       kwilliams@LAFchildren.org  

Grades 2 - 3                   

Ms. Chanetta Lytello-Farmer          cfarmer@LAFchildren.org    

Grades 3 - 5                   

Miss Abby Morris                           amorris@LAFchildren.org 

Middle School                           

Ms. Benetta Thai                          bthai@LAFchildren.org 


High School                    

Ms. Dana Wright                          dwright@LAFchildren.org